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It has come to our attention that some users of Apple devices running on iOS 7.1.2 are experiencing difficulties with the New York Dumb app for iPad. What the hell is going on!!! Wait, we mean more amazing possibilities!!!

The technical team at NYD are working to remedy the situation and hope to have an update to the app available for download at the Apple App store by the end of the month.

We apologize for any problems you may be having, we were not expecting any surprises with the otherwise really excellent iOS upgrade that all loyal Apple users were anxiously awaiting, it's good what Apple did, we like it. Really.



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We at NYD are not usually interested in athletics, and running especially seems like a pointless jostling of the junk. But when in the presence of a penis drawing innovator that also happens to be a pavement pounder we must stop and gawk.

Phallographic fans at The Guardian have alerted us to the work of Claire Wyckoff and her awesome Tumblr site Running Drawing. Using Nike+ and carefully plotting her route she is able to tramp the path of the penis in the abstract on the urban landscape and generate delightful digital ding-dong maps there of. Other images too but who cares.

As The Guardian states, "The San Francisco-based runner has managed to find a way to distract from the fact outdoor running – while a sure-fire endorphin hit … – can often be boring, cold, and wet." Cold and wet is no good for the ween so we're pleased that she's making it graphically a little bit hotter, and harder too.

Wycoff states in her Twitter feed " it's not easy. first, you have to spend a lot of time looking for dicks on maps... countless hours of dick searching…" We feel ya sister, it can take a lot of work to keep this dick thing up.

Congrats Claire, fine work, please notify us when you're able to organize your first community penis "fun run" (at least it sounds like fun to us), we'll be there to cheer you on. We'll even supply a penis-graphic prize, copies of the best penis graffiti book ever, New York Dick. 

For more map based penis graphics, but not ones so thoughtfully worked, out take a peek at our entry Today's Forecast - Arousing Weather, Multi-State Hard-ons.

Top image - Another long run completed. Running Drawing/Claire Wyckoff
Second photo - Amazeballs. Running Drawing/Claire Wyckoff
Third photo - Bellendless fun. Running Drawing/Claire Wyckoff



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When we at NYD ran across this photo we were tickled pink and throbby. Reportedly near sexless Salvador Dali draws a piece of dingus art on the forehead of his wife and signs it "Picasso," so tasty. Alas, also so fake.

Of course Sal deserves enormous credit for his iconic mustache (which totally looks like someone defaced a photo of an old queen taking a whiz in an electrical socket) but he cannot be credited with the above pictured art act.

What is the provenance of this work? Based on Medusa Sleep, we first saw it here at Imgur, but the "comments" provide no real info except that the commenters are dopes. Some debunking (and some also not-too-clever comments) is offered up at Reddit, but sadly, the deceptive dick in this photoshop story may never be known.

For some authentic wang-on-the-face-style surrealism take a look at the work of Danish artist Wilhelm Freddie, (excellent artist, so-so mustache). His 1936 piece entitled Sexparalysappeal (shown at left) may be as close as we'll ever get to a really important exploration of the meaning of a penis drawn on a surrealist lady's head.



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Let's face it, sometimes you just can't incorporate a drawing of a pecker into your text, or a too realistic knob would be gauche, these are facts. But even in the lowest bandwidth situations or times when a bit of subtlety is called for, one can always whip out a classic ascii style emoticon. So friends, be sure you have these ding-dongs in your dumb ass toolbox.

(stumpy pumpy)

(long dong)

8====D ~ ~ ~
(long dong squirter)

(skeenie peenie) 

And for you kids with both a techie and arty streak you may attempt to pull off a masterpiece such as this -

     \    \
      \    \
      _\    \__
     (   \     )   )


Yes, you're welcome! And, do we here at NYD like dumb representations of penises, well lets just say :-) 8====D




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We here at NYD love attention. We love comments, we love overwrought sneakers, watches that might be fakes, natural male enhancement nutritional additives unregulated by the FDA, who doesn't? But the robotic spam-marketing ghouls of the virtual world are eating our brains and leaving quite a mess in the form of thousands of scammy comments on our straight-forwardly dickish pages. 

So sadly, we have closed the comments section on our pages (at least we think we have, our tech guy says he's "coding it"  right now but it seems more like he's a guinea pig in a bizarre porn consuming experiment).

Anyone wishing to leave a comment is welcome to email it to us, just click on the above link "Talk Dumb to Me". We would love to hear from you, and we'll periodically publish a special entry featuring all the comments we receive. That is, if the comments do not use too many of the words we've used in the title of this post.