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Until recently when most of us here at NYD heard a phrase like "presidential penis" we assumed that we we're in for a stupid rehash of the Clinton-Lewensky-impeachment story, but no more! Now we have a new 21st century super stupid political dick story, South African President Jacob Zuma is now the undisputed holder of the title "Most Dick-linked President Lately."

It all starts with the penis. South African artist Brett Murray is well known for taking on cultural and political issues in his art but the President of South Africa and his party the African National Congress are not amused by his recent work entitled "The Spear," which depicts Zuma in a mock Leninist hero pose with his ding-dong hanging out. It's not a bad looking schlong and some people might be a bit proud, but the political powers that be took offense. A little background on Zuma for those who need some context; it seems his general dickness and corruption/sex/hiv/weirdo-ness is well known (hence the mockery by penis,) we're not even sure his supporters claim that he's not a super dick. For more Zumarific info visit Wikipedia. Murray's political art often modifies and re-conceptualizes well known pop culture images and graphics, for more on Murray take a look at his "Hail to the Thief" site, great stuff.

But wait, there's more! Dick painting defaced! "The Spear" was defaced by what were apparently anti-wang activists while being exhibited at the prestigious Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg. The de-sexing of the painting was oddly redundant, first the genitals and face were x-ed out in red, then large chunks of the image were painted over in black, a sort of gang-bang sloppy seconds defacement party, nasty.

What, not enough dick stuff? We'll throw in a series of off color (but perhaps not inaccurate) satirical cartoons. One of South Africa's most celebrated political cartoonists Zapiro (Jonathan Shapiro) raised a ruckus in May when he layered parody on mockery by cartooning President Zuma in his "Spear" pose but with the addition of a penis shower head squirting out streams of "accusations." Why the shower head? Long story, but Zuma thinks showers probably protect him from getting AIDS.

You're asking is it possible to get even more use out of this dick-o-matic prez-a-tron, yes! Just last week Zapiro commented on the defacement/censorship of Murray's painting "The Spear" and the ANC's heated reaction to the painting by portraying Zuma as an erect penis at the art gallery apparently looking himself in the eye, oh, and Zapiro added a rude limerick to make sure the point is getting across. Guess what, Zuma and his party liked this cartoon even less than the first one, so sensitive!

We here at NYD can't wait to see how this gets ramped up next, stay tuned to NYD for more details on what promises to be the most prick packed political offer we've ever made! Not available in stores, act now while supplies last! 

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