Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 03:24PM
Galen Smith in Mars penis, Spirit rover, robots, space

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Last week it came to the attention of the world that NASA has been using its Mars rover to carve penis drawings into the landscape of the red planet thus making this area near the Bonneville impact crater the first off-world penis drawing. Or it's just random tire tracks, you decide America - Pornographic boondoggle or go frickin' NASA go!

Apparently it's taken years for Mars/penis aficionados to finally decipher the data from thousands of images and identify the martian dingus. As reported by Andy Cush at Animal New York, NASA states that, "the image has been online since 2005, and is part of a much larger panorama of photos from the Red Planet dating back to 2004. It was taken by the rover Spirit…"

Questions to ponder. 
- Will carefully (and stupidly) looking at enough images with enough dumbness always find a penis in there somewhere?
- Does mankind always (either consciously or not) draw penises everywhere we go? And do we specifically mean man kind?
- Is this dickish message to our other worldly friends more of an "f-you," or more of a "come 'n get it?"

For more info on this penis drawing that's so far from Earth but so close to our hearts take a look at Huffington Post Science (yes science!) or the ever awesome Animal New York. To see more of "accidental" penises viewed from space check out our Arousing Weather entry.

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