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Sales figures for the holiday season have finally been tabulated and certified - and we say domo arigato Japan (that's "thank you very much Japan," at least that's what we think we're saying based on all the Japanese we learned from 80s pop songs). Sales of New York Dumb in Japan destroyed US sales in a spectacular surprise attack in December, we are only now understanding the full ramifications of these figures. 

Thanks again to our friends of the weird in Japan. And for a fascinating look at how much Japanese culture appreciates the weird take a look at the yearly Kanamara festival, sacred yes, but also so amazingly strange.



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Once again our ideation and product development unit hidden deep within the The Daily Show conglomerate have put some tantalizing ideas before the public for test marketing, tantalizing dick based ideas. So let's run it up the meat pole and see who salutes it.

Jason Jones's supposedly absurd example of the dumbest money making app-crap possible is secretly amazing. In his segment investigating "Sudden Wealth Syndrome" he proposes a mega-money making app that automatically draws penises on photos, behold Dick Widget. Amazing! If I could code I'd be guzzling Red Bull, screaming about the glitchy kludges that are ruining code ninja elite tools (or something like that) and making this app happen right now.  

Mockery laced with insight, we still love The Daily Show. See the 9/26/12 episode at The Daily Show site.



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Yesterday, prominent Egyptian-American journalist and activist, Mona Eltahawy, made a brave attempt to deface (or make a legitimate public comment upon) a controversial "anti-jihad" ad the Times Square subway station, got humorously harassed, then not so humorously arrested by some cops and at least one dog. 

Considering how intense the situation is (meaning protest speech, Arab-Israeli conflict etc, not that guy that used to hang at the Jersey Shore) it's a lot funnier than it seems like it would be. Thank god the New York Post was on hand to film the whole weird party scene (don't worry, the clip is below.)

Great quotes from the non-violent (and somewhat non-sensical) defacement video include …

… Mona, do you have a right to do this? - I do actually, I think this is freedom of expression …
… Tell me Mona, why do you have a right to violate free speech? - I'm not violating it, I'm making a statement on it …
… Do you want paint on yourself, do you really?…
… You are violating free speech Mona …
… Get off me or I'm going to get the police - go get the police, no one's stopping you - fuck you …
… Stop it Mona - I'm not going to stop it …
… Mona-Elta-Hawy, Mona-Elta-Hawy - Get my name right, my god you sound like a film, parody …
… You're under arrest - For what? What are you arresting me for? ...
… I'm expressing myself freely and I hurt no one, non-violent protest …
… You could get some spray paint in someone's eye …
… How old are you? - I'm 45 and I'm Egyptian-American and I refuse hate (off-camera; that's why) what do you mean that's why?

Ahh, such amazing gifts! We love how "Pamela" keeps calling "Mona" by her first name like this is some sort of cat fight in a weird protest-speech cult.

Oddly, the arresting officers will not even say out loud why she is being arrested, did anyone know NYC cops were such dicks? Finally they lamely claim that spray paint might get in someones eye? Do these guys not even know that vandalizing posters is illegal, my god officers, have you not seen our awesome book New York Dick, really.

And who is this woman "Pamela" who's blocking-photographing-antagonizing Mona? Apparently she is Pamela Hall, one of the amazing nut-jobs that helped bring to New York the bogus horror of the "Ground Zero Mosque," and she is associated with The American Freedom Defense Initiative who paid to post the offending ads. And, she apparently is also just hanging around the Times Square edition of the poster looking for a photo-op/confrontation. 

NYD sends a big thanks to all the key players for helping to keep defacement alive and keeping New York the dicky-est city in America (but not the dicky-est state, that of course is Arizona.)

For more detail check out The Guardian, or the Atlantic.



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Dumb Dicks (1931) is a terrible movie with a fantastic title, in fact the title is so insightful and applicable that it could probably be used for around half of all movies. Currently, in addition to the 1931 Benny Rubin/Harry Gribbon masterwork, there appears to be only two other Dumb Dicks available; Dumb Dicks (2011, you tube only?) and; Dumb Dicks (1985, aka Detective School Dropouts - boring retitling!), but shouldn't there be even more? 

Truthfully, for serious fans of film Dumb Dicks isn't really all bad. It's an instructive example of low budget short film making from the early days, it showcases two notable practitioners of very broad ethnic humor, it's rough and weird and fearlessly lo-fi. But if you aren't up for a film anthropology experience just roll your eyes, cringe and scream insults at it, that can be fun too!

For more detail and a plot summery of Dumb Dicks take a look at this imdb review.



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Oh the hurly burley of art-defacement-commerce-copyright these days. From street art advertising vandalism, to crass consumer commercialism. Let's start somewhere near the beginning, and let's keep it dumb if possible!

Firstly, smart-alecks draw mustaches on images of people and things, so much so that the act was used as a signifier in a confrontational art piece that's now almost a hundred years old (see Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q., 1919.) 

And, for decades in New York City people have drawn mustaches on subway posters, so commonly that the defacement action is saluted in a classic Daffy Duck cartoon (see Daffy Doodles, 1946.

Then things really get going. Graffiti artist and performer Patrick Waldo gained some recent notoriety by writing "Moustache" in nice swirly script on the lips of thousands of people (and things) pictured in advertising posters in the New York subway. The police, the Metropolitian Transit Authority, poster installation companies and their advertiser clients were not impressed by the cleverness or the "adbusterness," they nabbed him and convicted him on vandalism charges.

The very lovely retail clothing brand Zara swipes Waldo's mustache schtick, drops it on a skull drawing, prints up thousands of t-shirts featuring this graphic and thus creates another piece of consumerist disposable clothing, retail $16.95.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Waldo presents a one-man show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre called "Moustache Man: Confessions of a Graffiti Artist." 

Then Waldo publicly accuses Zara of stealing his bit, Zara apparently removes the t-shirt from their website offerings. By the way, Zara apparently get accused of co-opting inspiration fairly often. 

So who's the dick here? Sort of both of them. We at NYD love the defacement and the deflating of super hyped ad-crap, but the griping about someone stealing "mustache" is a bit weinerish. Acceptance of fair use and what exactly is or is not part of the cultural milieu can really get one's zeitgeist in a wad. But on the other hand, a multi-million dollar corporation blood-sucking the life out even the most barely interesting aspects of unprotected creativity, well thats being a multi-million dollar asshole. So until Moustache Man moves up to the Shepard Fairy clout/money level it's Zara that gets the finger wag from NYD. 

We congratulate both parties for doing what they can to keep defacement a part of the public consciousness, and Zara, if your listening please consider drawing some dicks on your t-shirts next season, that's an awesome aspect of poster defacement that we're sure your cute little t-shirt buyers would love to get hold of.

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